I'd like to be President of the United States of America.
I have no doubt that I could do a better job than anyone that's been in the White House in recent decades.  USA and human kind globally need new leadership focused on creating a content populace on a sustainable planet.  You can browse the main points of my platform here.  I'll be working on some video content to post on my youtube channel as well.  

My platform.  Focus on creating a sustainable society while taking care of people and creating a better world on a healthy planet. 

1. Address budget, programs, debt, and taxes together.  Enact a flat income tax and simplify the system.  Enact a long-term plan to eliminate debt. 

2. Health care changed to a single-payer system with great emphasis on preventive measures, birth control, and healthy living and a guarantee that no one will be bankrupted by medical bills. 

3. Environment policy based on sound science and sustainability.  Reduction and elimination of pollution and waste and restoration of habitats, land, water, and air.  Protect natural resources and national parks. Include national animal welfare rules and pet industry reform. 

4. Energy policy based on sound science and sustainability.  Long term plan to eliminate use of fossil fuels as much as possible and implement programs to reduce and eliminate negative environmental impacts. 

5. Court system reform, especially custody and divorce court. 

6. Military programs reassessed and the role of US in foreign matters modified and eliminated as much as possible.

7. Education system reform.  Focus on creative thinking, critical analysis skills, and problem solving skills as well as healthy living and life skills (budget and financial planning, Constitution and citizen’s responsibilities and rights, self-defense training, volunteering requirement, meal planning, parenting, sexual health, fitness, emotional health, realistic expectations, responsibility, home repair, safety and security online and real world, being a smart consumer, environmental awareness, art, science, etc). Create better citizens, better parents, break cycles of unhealthy living. Include adult education and job training programs.

8. International relations and foreign policy.  Encourage partnerships and reduction in arms and work to eliminate aggression.  Focus on sustainability, environment, and human health and well-being. 

9. Personal responsibility and reasonable expectations. Make these part of every program at every level. 

10. Changes to drug policy, including legalizing marijuana, and focus on education and prevention.

11. Enact legislative responsibility and performance measures and term limits for Congress and Supreme Court. Use a review panel to assess performance and inform the people of the findings. Benefits for Congress and Supreme Court will be the same as for all citizens and no pension plan will be offered.

12. Enact a national program covering Second Amendment rights based on the current program in Illinois, which includes firearm owner id card (FOID), background checks, waiting periods for firearm purchases, concealed carry permits after background check and training class.

13. Establish rights to privacy more explicitly than privacy is addressed in the Constitution.

14. Immigration reform and review of requirements to become a citizen. Enforce immigration rules.

15. Government efficiency and reduction of waste in government. Consider database consolidation. Consider using social security system database as main database for official records (e-mail address, physical address, phone number, tax record, license to drive, voter registration, etc) instead of government maintaining multiple databases.

16. Eliminate the constraints the 2 parties have put on the election system and the governance of the country.